Roxana Léa

Singer / Songwriter


RoxanaLea’s path begins with a set forth followed by encounters on her way. It’s a story about her inner fire, animated by passion of music.

It’s when she leaves her country, Romania, at 23 years old, that she is being pushed by this desire to sing everywhere and every- time.

A journey that brings her first in Italy and after that in France, where she stil lives here for many years now; also England, who embraces her new E P “ Flashback”.

Her meeting with Dave Kynner , musician ,producer and songwriter, known for his 20 years collaboration with Tiken Jah Fakoly, brings her closer of her music influences: soul, funk and some pop influences of the american black music.

“Neither one of us”it’s the first single extract of the album, which they composed together mindfully.

A remake of Gladys Knight which Dave adapts by adding subtle touch of reggae for a sweet and dancing vibe : « About Gladys Knight I did know her awesome song “Midnight train to Georgia”, as for “Neither one of us”, It was a first time audition for me. When he proposed to do this song I accepted right away, I said it will be a good song to show my skills »

This year,Roxana Lea and Dave Kynner’s work will be revealed :9 original songs, filed with emotions and energy who talks about self accomplishment .A theme that’s precious to Roxana. In fact her strong and stirring voice is the reflect of her entire personality and completely owned by music. An interior fire able to move the mountains : « This flame it’s the reason of who I am today.»