Roxana Léa

Singer / Songwriter


Roxana is a singer that lives in France, for a few years now and she’s originally from Romania.

She begins to sing, since she was a kid and for the first time, in front of a big crowd when she had 12 years !

It was like a revelation, this was her dream since! A few years later she finished college and university, doing 8 years of classical music as an opera singer!

After 3 years in a cover band, she wanted to change and see the world, in 2014 Roxana arrived in France! She started quickly to have a lots of collaborations and singing with many french bands !

Influenced by Adele, Amy Whinehouse, Joss Stone, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith she started to compose her first song called “Good Old Days” who’s out now on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Amazon music , she’s also working to her first album “Flashback” ready until summer 2021!