Roxana Léa

Singer / Songwriter


"FLASHBACK" Album it's done

Hi everyone,

I'm so happy to announce you, that my album is finally done.

This is the cover artwork of "FLASHBACK" , the Ep will be released on 6th of June 2021.


Radio hit

Roxana got her first interview, to Radio Hit in Romania!

They spoked about the new album, her journey to composing and future plans!

Good old days on radio

First single "Good Old Days" entered the Top 40 New Entry on "Wave Radio Station" in England, being No.1 two weeks in a row !


The Crowdfunding on Ulule platform, it's now over! It was a really succes, even more than I hoped ! Thanks to all the backers for the big support ! Now I'm working on my EP , ready to be released in July 2021!